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Venture Connect - Uniquely Positioned to Assist Sellers

Venture Connect is here to make your life easier. While you take care of the day-to-day operations of your business, a Business Advisor could be getting you ready for a sale.

List Your Business For Sale - for Free!  

Register and fill out the information about your business. You will be required to provide at least one good quality photo for your listing. Please allow up to 48 hours for your listing to be uploaded.

A business listing on can be posted anytime, but the businesses must be in a "sale-ready" state to list it. 

Selling Your Business

Step 1 - Prepare

Clean up your books. Renovate and tidy. All manuals and inventory should be in order.

Step 2 - Review

Sort out what assets you actually have to offer to a new owner.

Step 3 - Value

An independent business valuator can help you decide on a competitive price.

Step 4 - Organize

Sort out all the paperwork, including a Transition Plan. No time? Get help from our Business Advisors.

Step 5 - Negotiate

Be flexible about price, terms, and timelines. Consider offering financing terms.

Step 6 - Advertise

Multiple venues, including the Venture Connect listings, can speed your sale.

Educate Yourself

Access 'Venture Connect' resources to learn more about how to sell your business.