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There are currently no positions available but we accept resumes for Business Advisors on-going.

Business Advisor

Venture Connect 
Business Advisor Position Description
(Contract or On Call Positions Currently Available)

Venture Connect is establishing a network of business professionals to meet client demand on Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Powell River. To accommodate this diverse geographic area, our Business Advisors work from their town or city yet maintain constant communication with Venture Connect’s base where the client intake and referrals are managed.

Our Business Advisors have a passion for business and enjoy helping small business owners to achieve their goals. Business Advisors work with clients at any stage of their business cycle, but primarily in succession plan development and exit planning. Business Advisors are dedicated to providing quality service and are responsible for managing a challenging caseload.

In preparation for delivering excellent client services, Venture Connect provides comprehensive training to all Business Advisors.

Your strong business background will enable you to:
  • Help create and provide thorough analysis of business or succession plans 
  • Assist clients with market research, cash flows and action plans 
  • Work in conjunction with financial institutionsto assist in business financing strategies 
  • Ensure client data is recorded appropriately in files/data bases
Your passion for coaching will support:
  • Assessing and counseling clients regarding entrepreneurial and succession options and implications of such
  • Assessing clients’ needs and developing individual actions plans
  • Providing ongoing technical assistance, including specific monitoring of client goals
Your talent for interpersonal communications will enable:
  • presentations to groups and delivery of business development workshops
  • proactive liaison with other business and government agencies
You will have amassed knowledge of and experience with:
  • Industrial sectors and economic issues of the region
  • Community resources and other government programs that effect our clients
  • Legal and regulatory issues that relate to small business 
  • Market research techniques 
  • Cash flows and financial statements 
  • Business and succession planning processes
Personal Strengths include the ability to:
  • Maintain a caseload of clients
  • Listen and communicate thoroughly and clearly both orally and in writing 
  • Impart complex and unanticipated information in a constructive manner 
  • Identify priorities and meet deadlines ·set goals and achieve them 
  • Act as team member while at a location that is remote from the base office
  • Collaborate with other business advisors to attain excellent customer service throughout the region
  • Maintain a professional relationship with clients while assisting their business activities and decision-making 
  • Establish and maintain professional relationships with other business and community agencies 
  • Work independently and in a team environment 
  • Document clearly and concisely
You are:
  • Honest
  • Tactful and considerate
  • Persuasive
  • Flexible
  • Reliable and prompt
  • Realistic
  • Positive
You have:
  • Computer compatible with Windows 7 Professional SP1 and Microsoft Office 2010
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Efficient means of communicating to the base office

Please submit your resume to