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Business Buyers
Our mission: Help maintain strong communities through the retention of small business.
With economic development as our foundation, Venture Connect occupies a very unique space within the business buy and sell marketplace.
üOur services assist buyers, independent sellers, REALTOR (s) and Brokers 
üWe offer free and for fee service options and never take a commission on a sale
Buyer's Services  
Browse Listings:
Listings are placed by REALTORS (s) , Brokers and Independent Sellers.  Browse through the list of businesses randomly or narrow your search by region, most recent, price point or specific text. Check back often as listings are constantly changing and being added. 
üNo Fee Listing Placement or Viewing
üNoobligation viewing.  Buyers are never asked to create an account to view listings
üEnquiries go direct to listing agent or private seller
Customized Business Search: 
Are you unable to locate a business specific to your needs or that of your client? 
We assist buyers and buyer agents from all over the globe locate businesses.  Our large network of community partners can help match business opportunities to your specific profile. Venture Connect’s Customized Business Searchcompiles the opportunities and presents them to you for consideration.   
üWe specialize in searches throughout rural BC
üSaves you time by locating opportunities not easily found or available through an electronic search
üMany opportunities present as a result of local knowledge even if  the businesses are not actively listed for sale
üNetwork partners include Community Futures, Economic Development Agencies, Immigration Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Government among others
Customized Business Searches cost $500 and take approximately 2 weeks.  A 2 nd search can be conducted at no additional charge if the first search does not identify appropriate opportunities.  Criteria modifications can also be made for the second search. 
Price Validation:
Need reassurance of an accurate purchase price?  Venture Connect offers due diligence, independent price valuations and price negotiations for buyers and buyer agents.
A recent client review: “I had worked for 27 years in retail management and wanted to buy a small retail business, but had no idea how to determine fair value for an existing business. The business valuation support and sale mediation services from the Venture Connect Advisor, gave me the knowledge and support needed to confidently proceed with this acquisition.” 
Price Validations start at $500 and provide background information to support the pricing determination.  Price Validations typically take 1 – 3 business days from the time relevant materials are received.
Mediation Services:
You know what you want but lack negotiating skills?
Venture Connect can assist when it’s time to place an offer by negotiating terms with the seller or seller’s agent.  Service includes letter of intent documentation and advice on options, issues and inclusions.
Mediation pricing begins at $500. 
Business Plans: 
Venture Connect creates high quality and realistic business plans that incorporate your skills and attributes.  The plans include short and long-term goals, marketing strategies and when appropriate noting potential new markets.  Venture Connect business plans have been used for financing and immigration program support.
Business Plan pricing begins at $1,750*. Business Plans are generally completed within 5 – 7 business days from the time required information is received.  *Please contact us for a quote if you are an agency requiring multiple business plans. 
Business Concierge Service: 
Are time constraints or lack of familiarity with the region impacting your ability or that of your client to effectively explore business opportunities?
Venture Connect’s Business Concierge Service is popular with business buyers and investors, especially those from outside the province or country.  Venture Connect will provide a trusted business confidant/tour host and tailor the service to meet your needs.  
Considerations when creating your concierge plan:
üSpecific needs of you or your client
üAre your businesses identified or do we need to search for businesses on your behalf?
üHow many will be in your party?
üWill children be involved and do they require additional services?
üWill it be a single or multi community itinerary?
üWill overnight accommodation be needed?
We can also:
üIntroduce you to local economic development or business agencies that can add value to the process through their knowledge of the community and local market  
Considerable time, planning and communication go into establishing site tour logistics and the creation of an efficient concierge package.  Please allow no less than 10 working days prior to your planned visit to ensure we can accommodate you in the manner you deserve. 
Concierge pricing varies dependent on itinerary and duration.  Please contact us for a quote.

Venturematch is a 5 minute quiz best suited to novice entrepreneurs.  Answer the easy questions and then use the results of this quiz to find businesses of interest to you. Try out Venturematch to see what types of business best suit your personality.