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Business Buyers
While many people are able to locate a suitable business to purchase, the task becomes more challenging if the buyer is a new entrepreneur or located outside of the province; maybe even outside of the country. We assist buyers from all over the globe locate a business best suited to them.   Our goal is to help match buyers and sellers - we never take a commission on a sale.     

Buyer's Services  

Browse Listings:
Venture Connect offers the opportunity for all REALTORS®, Brokers or Private Sellers from around the province of BC to place their business listing on our site.  Browse through the list of businesses randomly, or narrow your search by region or price point. Check back often as listings are constantly changing and being added. 

Best Business Search:
First, we get to know you and understand your needs and then we search through businesses that are listed and with owners we know who are considering selling. We broaden the search by seeking listings through our connections in all applicable regions of the province. This will result in providing a list of appropriate businesses for you to consider.  

Introductions and Connections:
Once you identify the business(s) that warrant further consideration, we then provide introductions to listing agents or private sellers and relevant economic development or business agencies that can add value to the process with their knowledge of the community and local market.  

Site Visits:
When needed we can assist with establishing site tour logistics and the creation of a tour itinerary.  

Price Validation:
Don’t pay a premium price or be taken advantage of.  We know and understand the marketplace and can provide you with knowledge to help you negotiate to pay a fair price for a business by performing a price validation on a business of interest.   

Business Plans: 
We create high quality and realistic business plans incorporating your skills and attributes, market research and business information and including short and long-term goals, marketing strategies and when appropriate noting potential new markets. 

Venturematch is a 5 minute quiz best suited to novice entrepreneurs.  Answer the easy questions and then use the results of this quiz to find businesses of interest to you. Try out Venturematch to see what types of business best suit your personality.