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Richmond, BC
Greater Vancouver District

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Poort Technologies is an industrial design firm manufacturing advanced tablet enclosures. The company has designed casings for tablets such as the iPad and Samsung S Series that upgrade the hundreds of millions of those tablets in existence to become digital fixed appliances deployed over kitchen counters, marine dashboards, or any workplace as control stations - for all digital and video content. The company has two completed plastic injection moulds in production in Richmond (Steveston) BC.

An exciting business plan around introducing this new form factor to computing, for your immediate submission as an entrepreneur, has already been prepared, that will allow you to live and work anywhere in BC and fully qualify as a BC PNP nominee for $395K /100%. (You must have adequate net worth and be an experienced business person to qualify for immigration, if desired). The business includes immediate employment for yourself and possibly one key worker with you. . Permanent residency is projected within 20 months, if applicable, as purchasing businesses from retiring Canadians.is prioritized.

Here are some highlights for prospective ENTREPRENEURIAL BC PNP applicants:

* A business plan is ALREADY PREPARED

* The Poort application has ALREADY BEEN INVITED TO APPLY - and only 10% of applications are invited

* The business enjoys very HIGH PRIORITY FOR BC PNP. This is manufacturing for world export.

* The previous applicant was unable to transfer funds to Canada; BC PNP is familiar with the project, and remains supportive should another applicant step forward.

* The owner Dwight Jones is a communications network designer, and has successfully sponsored two families for permanent residence in Canada in the past,

* The principal plastic injection contract manufacturer and mould builders are HK Chinese immigrants (1992), and investors of any nationality are warmly invited to inquire.

Poort can manufacture custom enclosures in very high volume by injection moulding. Initial marketing is now online via Amazon's worldwide marketplaces. This opportunity is to purchase the firm for $395K CDN, as BC PNP supports succeeding Canadian business owners who are retiring. The firm has ~$20K in stock on Amazon, two $25K injection moulds and no debts. A small assembly shop is available. Poort uses a contracted plastic injection firm for production. No real estate or business equipment or premises are included beyond our proprietary moulds and Amazon stock. The company has no debts.

Note that Poorts complement Amazon's Echo/Alexa and Google's Home AI devices, because the onboard iPad e.g. brings video and applications that voice assistants cannot offer. Low cost manufacturing allows highly scalable sales with wide profit margins. Export manufacturing can be expected to receive priority support from every level of government, including immigration applications.

See the Poortals.com website for the products' development history and possible applications. Contact Dwight.Jones@poortals.com or call 604 836-7300 8AM-5PM.

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8am-5pm Monday to Friday

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